All teddy bears are sewn by a special technology developed more than 100 years ago. Its basic requirements are hinging of all parts to the body. Such technology enables legs, hands and head to be rotated by 360 degrees.

     As many bear makers, for teddy bear's "skin" the creator uses special mohair manufactured in Germany just for such purposes. Vintage teddy bears made in technique of artificial ageing are sewn of antique plush, velvet and specially treated textiles.

     For clothes and decoration of teddy bears the creator tries to use only natural materials: cotton, linen,leather, felt and silk. For stuffing only natural fillers (wood chips or shavings) are used.

     The teddy bears are sewn according to creator designer's patterns except for some vintage models made with curves of the beginning and middle of the 20th century in order to get over the style of time to the maximum extent possible.

     Each teddy bear has its passport-certificate with indication of its name, height, material it is made of and the creation date (month, year).


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