The creator of the bears presented here is Natalia Isachenko. Natalia is a philologist by education, but since 2007 she has been a professional Teddy maker.

     Creating Teddy bears became her profession after many years spent practising the skills of drawing, sewing and modeling. She was always fond of artistic dolls. While studying at Galina Ishimikli's Doll Art School in Saint-Petersburg on the Teddy bear creation course, she became impassioned with these wonderful creatures and dedicated all of her time to them . Slowly enthusiasm became a passion, a hobby became a profession.

     Now her works are highly appreciated by Russian and foreign colleagues and collectors.

At this website the creator is happy to present a collection of teddy bears made from the beginning of 2011 up to nowadays. We hope these bears will bring you a lot of pleasure. The creator is based in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, but ships her teddy bears worldwide.

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